BOP TRIBAL, Preview/Fundraising @ the Dragon Upstairs

Thursday May 29, 8:00 - 11:00 PM@ the Dragon Upstairs

It was a epic night we never forget.
So many people came to the Dragon to support our project.
Lots of thanks and aloha to everybody!

We played all our original songs which we will record on June 2.

Abe Lagrimas, Jr. (drums), Satomi Yarimizo (piano), Shawn Conley (bass),
DeShannon Higa (trumpet), Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)

We also video-shot. We all sweat with the strong and very bright lighting.

Satomi Yarimizo (piano)
DeShannon Higa (trumpet)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Shawn Conley (bass)
Abe Lagrimas, Jr. (drums)

Set List:
There will never be another you (warm up)
One Bad Song a Day / Reggie Padilla
Manoa Mist / DeShannon Higa
Flowers Smell Better in June / DeShannon Higa
Melancholic Toes / Satomi Yarimizo
Jellyfish /DeShannon Higa
Bop Triabl / DeShannon Higa
Honeycreeper 2 / Satomi Yarimizo
Tune 4 April / Reggie Padilla
Tipsy Island / Satomi Yarimizo
One The Edge / DeShannon Higa
Love Beautiful / DeShannon Higa
Lemon Flavored Suede Shoes / Reggie Padilla

Sponsor : Hank Taufaasau and the Dragon Upstairs
Photographer : Aaron Yoshino http://honozooloo.com/
Live Recording : Johan Montero

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