BOP TRIBAL @ the Dragon Upstairs

Saturday April 26, 9PM- @the Dragon Upstairs

Satomi, Jon, Darry, DeShannon and Reggie

Satomi, Jon, DeShannon, Darryl and Reggie

DeShannon Higa (trumpet)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Jon Hawes (bass)
Darryl Pellegrini (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

Set List:
Just Friends
One Finger Snap / Herbie Hancock
Waltz for Debby / Bill Evans
One Bad Song A Day / Reggie Padilla
Gertrude's Bounce / Powell
Manoa Mist / DeShannon Higa
One More Once / Michel Camilo

Bop Tribal / DeShannon Higa
The Way You Look Tonight
Gibrartor / Hubberd
Norwegian Wood / Lennon
Eclectica / DeShannon Higa


Chuck's Cellar Jazz Festival !

Saturday April 26
The 1st Chuck's Cellar Jazz Festival
with Gabe Baltazar, Betty Loo Taylor and Black Sand!

I and Shinya dropped by the cellar before my gig at the Dragon Upstairs. We had dinner with great music and sat-in one song.
They bought a new (used) Kawai upright piano which sounds beautiful and I really love it!

Gabe, Matt, Betty Loo and Jason in the frame

Matt, Betty Loo, Jason and Steve Loo


Satomi Yarimizo Quartet with Rachel Gonzales @ the Dragon Upstairs

Satomi, Rachel and Reggie

Satomi Yarimizo Quartet + Rachel Gonzales:
Rachel Gonzales (vocals)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Ernie Provencher (bass)
Shinya Yarimizo (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)


BOP TRIBAL @ the Dragon Upstairs

Last Saturday, April 12, 9 p.m. - midnight

DeShannon Higa (trumpet)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Mark Tanouye (bass)
von Baron (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

It was a big party with special guests
Tim Tsukiyama (soprano saxophone)
Andrew Corny (flugelhorn) from Los Angeles

Satomi, Mark, von, DeShannon and Reggie

Reggie, Andrew and Tim

DeShannon, Reggie and Tim

von and Tim

satomi, DeShannon and Reggie

1st set:
The Blues Walk / Clifford Brown
Autumn Leaves / Joseph Kosma, arr. DeShannon Higa
Parisian Thoroughfare / Clifford Brown
Tune 4 April / Reggie Padilla
Airegin / Sonny Rollins
Oleo / Sonny Rollins

2nd set:
Bop Tribal / DeShannon Higa
Well You Needn't / Theronious Monk
Blue Train / John Coltrane
Sister Sadie / Horace Sliver
Joint & Jam Vamp / B.E.P. -- Hip Hop!

The Dragon Upstairs
( located in the loft above Hank's Cafe Honolulu)
1038 Nu'uanu Avenue

Next BOP TRIBAL show will be April 26. 8:30 p.m. -


Satomi Yarimizo Quartet with Rachel Gonzales

This Saturday, April 19 @ the Dragon Upstairs
Come check out Rachel's beautiful angelic voice!

Satomi Yarimizo (piano)
Rachel Gonzales (vocal)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Ernie Provencher (bass)
Shinya Yarimizo (drums)


Satomi Yarimizo Trio@ Shigezo

Thursday April 10, 7:30-10 p.m.
These days, lots of people come to Shigezo (808 Kapahulu Ave. 737-8081) to listen to our music and they all enjoy the great food.

Satomi Yarimizo Trio:
Gilbert Batangan (bass)
Shiny Yarimizo (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

Next gig on April 18 will be a DUO with Gilbert Batangan with a surprise guest saxophone player.


Calendar of the Dragon

The calendar page of the Dragon Upstairs has been still under spruce-up but now updated weekly!

The collective assembled by leader Satomi Yarimizo (piano), BOP TRIBAL showcases the fierce improvisational prowess of its members. DeShannon Higa (trumpet) & Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone) provide the dual melodic elements while Yarimizo, von Baron, and Mark Tanouye lay down the groove like a well-oiled, high octane machine. B.T.'s home base is in 50s hard bop, but it adeptly weaves its way through modal jazz, bebop, post bop, and even hip hop. This is quintessential New York jazz, transported to the Honolulu stage!


The new band will be coming up on next Friday, April 11. Check this out!


Satomi Yarimizo Quartet @ the Dragon Upstairs

@ the Dragon Upstairs

Saturday, April 4, 9 p.m. - midnight

Satomi Yarimizo Quartet with
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Mark Tanouye (bass)
Shinya Yarimizo (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

Reggie blew his saxophone so powerfully and so beautifully.

photo by aaron yoshino


"Jazz and Jesters" in chinatown and trio at the Shigezo

First Friday Event on April 4 – Jazz and Jesters
@ Hawaii State Art Museum

We enjoyed playing at the lawn stage of the beautiful museum.

Lawn Mainstage
6pm-7.15pm Satomi Yarimizo Quartet featuring
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone), Bobby Nishida (bass),
Shinya Yarimizo (drums) and Satomi Yarimizo (piano)
7.30pm-9pm Honolulu Jazz Quartet

Lanai Lounge
6pm-6.30pm UH Theatre DeptCommedia del Arte
6.30pm-9pm New Jass Quartet /w DeShannon Higa

After playing for this event, Bobby, Shinya and I ran to the Shigezo to play trio.
DeShannon Higa, Tim Tsukiyama, Gilbert Batangan and Justin James who also played for this event came to the Shigezo to eat delicious sushi for their dinner. DeShannon sat-in with his trumpet.

It was such a fun night.

New York Jazz Nights - Day 3

@ the Dragon Upstairs

Day3 : April 4, 8 - 11 p.m. /w
Frank Perowsky (tenor sax, clarinet, flute) from New York, Darryl Pellegrini (drums) from New York, John Kolivas (bass) and Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

We had lots of audience and we musicians played much tighter. Everybody had a great time.

Satomi, John Kolivas, Frank Perowsky and Darryl Pellegrini

Satomi, John, Darryl, Rick in the bar,
Frank and Langston Trigg with congas


Abe Lagrimas Jr. in Concert @ Honolulu Club

Abe had a great reunion concert with his friends. They played some standards with Abe's arrangement and also Abe's originals songs. He is so talented.

Wednesday April 2, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. @ Honolulu Club
Abe Lagrimas Jr. (drums)
Dan Del Negro (piano)
Dean Taba (bass)
Tim Tsukiyama (sax)
Robert Shinoda (guitar)


Gilbert Batangan Quartet @ Jazz Minds

I had a dinner with Yasuko Hayakawa and her group ( it was their last night) at the Chuck's Cellar in Waikiki and droped by Jazz Minds.

Tuesday April 1, 9pm - midnight
Gilbert Batangan Quartet @ Jazz Minds Arts & Cafe
Gilbert Batangan (guitar)
Dustin Chang (tenor saxophone)
Mark Tanouye (bass)
Jusin James (drums)
and special guest, visiting from L.A.
Abe Lagrimas Jr. (drums)


New York Jazz Nights - Day 2

@ the Dragon Upstairs

Day2 : March 31, 8 - 11 p.m. /w
Frank Perowsky (tenor sax, clarinet, flute) from New York, Darryl Pellegrini (drums) from New York, Steve Jones (bass) and Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

We were much tighter in Day 2 and musically we had more fun. I learned a lot from them. I cannot wait Day 3, on this Thursday April 3rd, 8PM-!! John Kolivas will play bass for the Day 3!!

Satomi and Frank Perowsky

Satomi, Steve Jones, Frank Perowsky and Darryl Pellegrini

Thursday April 3, 8 - 11 PM
Frank Perowsky (saxophone) from New York
Darryl Pellegrini (drums) from New York
John Kolivas (bass)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

The Dragon Upstairs
( located in the loft above Hank's Cafe Honolulu)
1038 Nu'uanu Avenue 808-526-141

New York Jazz Nights - Day 1

@ the Dragon Upstairs

Day 1 : March 29, 9 p.m. till midnight /w
Frank Perowsky (tenor sax, flute) from New York, Darryl Pellegrini (drums) from New York, Jon Hawes (bass), Satomi Yarimizo (piano) + my dear friends, Yasuko Hayakawa (piano), DeShannon Higa (trumpet), Abe Lagrimas (drums), Shawn Conley (bass)

It was such a hot and fun night. Thanks and so much love to all my friends!

Darryl Pellegrini, Satomi and Frank Perowsky
Darryl and Frank are good friend for many yeas and they performed and recorded in New York.
It was a great reunion.

Shawn Conley (bass), Frank (sax) and DeShannon Higa (trumpet)
We are playing "Green Chimneys" from Theronius Monk.

Frank, Shawn and DeShannon's head. :)

Frank and DeShannon

Satomi, Shawn and Abe Lagrimas Jr. (drums)

Yasuko Hayakawa (piano), Shawn, Frank's head and Darryl (drums)

Frank's back and Satomi (piano) and Jon Hawes (bass)

BOP TRIBAL in the Starbulletin!!

Honolulu Starbulletin
By John Heckathorn

The 3rd article after the bikini one. :)


A BeBoppin' Night in Chinatown

At 8:15 one night last weekend, the Dragon Upstairs was virtually empty. By 8:45 the second-floor Chinatown nightclub was packed. By 9 the band was gathered around leader Satomi Yarimizo's piano, learning a brand-new tune written by trumpeter DeShannon Higa.

The tune's called "Bop Tribal." So's the band. The crowd -- admittedly, it takes only 50 or so people to fill the Dragon Upstairs -- is here as a gesture of faith. This is Bop Tribal's first performance ever.

The faith was not misplaced. It was one of those rare nights: the right crowd in the right room for the right band.

In addition to Yarimizo and Higa, the quintet included tenor sax Reggie Padilla, bass player Jon Hawes and, from the Honolulu Jazz Quartet, drummer Adam Baron.

The quintet ripped through tunes by Horace Silver, John Coltrane, Clifford Brown. The crowd rocked along. "You go, girl," yelled voices from the back when Yarimizo came out smokin' on one of her piano solos.

Baron was thundering on drums, "channeling his inner Art Blakey," as he put it. On his way to the gig, Baron had stopped to help a pedestrian who'd tripped in a crosswalk, ending up with blood on his shirt. He'd had to go to Aloha Tower, the closest open place, to buy a new one.

"If I'd known all it took to get Adam to play like that was a new shirt," said Higa, "I'd have bought him one every gig."