Satomi Yarimizo Quartet @ the Dragon Upstairs featuring Abe Lagrimas Jr.

Saturday July 19, 9 p.m. -
Great drummer, Abe Lagrimas Jr. is visiting from Los Angeles.
Cannot wait to play with him again this Saturday. Come join us!


Intervew from Japanese FM radio station@ the Dragon Upstairs

Saturday June 7

I have got an interview from FM radio station and it will run in 25 FM stations network in Japan from the end of June. :)


Bop Tribal, Recording at PCCC

Monday June 2, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. @Pearl City Cultural Center

It was such a long day!
It was a live recording on the big stage with no audience.

DeShannon, Reggie and Abe

Shawn and Satomi, playing "Jellyfish"



DeShannon and Reggie

Video crews of JHM productions and director/editor of web-burger.com


Everybody on the big stage

Recording engineers, Fred and Eric

Bop Tribal
Reggie Padilla (saxophone)
DeShannon Higa (trumpet)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)
Abe Lagrimas, Jr. (drums)
Shawn Conley (bass)

Everybody did a great job.
Lots of mahalo!
I hope we can produce a good CD/videos.

Photos are taken by my good friend, Ron. Thank you very much!


BOP TRIBAL, Preview/Fundraising @ the Dragon Upstairs

Thursday May 29, 8:00 - 11:00 PM@ the Dragon Upstairs

It was a epic night we never forget.
So many people came to the Dragon to support our project.
Lots of thanks and aloha to everybody!

We played all our original songs which we will record on June 2.

Abe Lagrimas, Jr. (drums), Satomi Yarimizo (piano), Shawn Conley (bass),
DeShannon Higa (trumpet), Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)

We also video-shot. We all sweat with the strong and very bright lighting.

Satomi Yarimizo (piano)
DeShannon Higa (trumpet)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Shawn Conley (bass)
Abe Lagrimas, Jr. (drums)

Set List:
There will never be another you (warm up)
One Bad Song a Day / Reggie Padilla
Manoa Mist / DeShannon Higa
Flowers Smell Better in June / DeShannon Higa
Melancholic Toes / Satomi Yarimizo
Jellyfish /DeShannon Higa
Bop Triabl / DeShannon Higa
Honeycreeper 2 / Satomi Yarimizo
Tune 4 April / Reggie Padilla
Tipsy Island / Satomi Yarimizo
One The Edge / DeShannon Higa
Love Beautiful / DeShannon Higa
Lemon Flavored Suede Shoes / Reggie Padilla

Sponsor : Hank Taufaasau and the Dragon Upstairs
Photographer : Aaron Yoshino http://honozooloo.com/
Live Recording : Johan Montero


Rehearsal for the recording project 2

Thursday May 29 afternoon

It was really hot day both musically and on the high temperature.
We did a final rehearsal before the recording.

Video crews came and shot us to make videos.


Rehearsal for the recording project

Monday May 26, afternoon.

We, Bop Tribal, are planning to produce a CD and video clips (or possibly a DVD) spending a full-day on recording next Monday, June 2nd. We will record our original compositions. We rehearsed this afternoon and all songs are sounding great. These include varieties from swing, Dixie, Latin, Ballad, Straight 8th jazz, Funky jazz, Waltz, 6/4 straight 8th jazz, Modern Bebop, Funk Rock to 5/4 waltz-- and all of these will showcase our music.

We are going to have a preview/fundraising show this Thursday May 29, 8:00 p.m. at the Dragon Upstairs.
Please come and join us this Thursday.

Lots of people will help us. Our good friend, Johann, will record us live. We hired 2 pro video crews and 1 photographer, too. We will also be video-shot and photo-shot at our next rehearsal on May 29 afternoon.
I am hoping we can make good music video clips as well as a great CD.


BOP TRIBAL @ the Dragon Upstairs

Saturday May 24, 8:30 p.m. -

flyer, made by DeShannon

Special guest, Shawn Conley

DeShannon and Reggie

The back view of the band

Special guest, Diane Rubio


Stafford Hunter @ the Dragon Upstairs

Saturday May 17, 8:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Special Show

Stafford Hunter (trombone) visiting from New York!
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Jon Hawes (bass)
Justin James (drums)

and conglaturations on your engagement, Stafford!


Writing and practicing...

lots of time. I want 48 hours a day. :-(


George Young and Gabe Baltazar @ Honolulu Club

Wednesday May 14, 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Gabe Baltazar, Stafford Hunter sitting-in from NY and George Young
Honolulu Clube was packed with lots of jazz fans.

Two Jazz Legends!
Visiting Artist! George Young (tenor sax), Gabe Baltazar (alto sax), Noel Okimoto (drums), Dean Taba (bass), Robert Shinoda (guitar)

George Young's credits include: Dizzy Gilespie Band, Paul Simon Band, The NY / LA Dream Band, The Rolling Stones, many more...
Gabe Baltazar toured extensively and recorded as lead alto with the Stan Kenton Band.

Honolulu Club
ph# 543 3900


Satomi Yarimizo Quartet plays with Stafford Hunter

This Saturday, May 17

New York - Honolulu

The Dragon Upstairs
( located in the loft above Hank's Cafe Honolulu)
1038 Nu'uanu Avenue
$7 cover

Stafford Hunter (trombone)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Jon Hawes (bass)
Justin James (drums)

About Stafford Hunter:

Trombonist/ sea shells, Stafford Hunter; This Philadelphia native became a professional musician by the age of 16. He attended Penn State University for 2 years before moving to New York and graduating from the New School Jazz & Contemporary Music Program in 1994. Of which, he was the first trombonist actually to graduate from the New School.

In 1992, Stafford appeared as a model in the December issue of L'Uomo Vogue (the Italian Vogue magazine for men). This issue also featured jazz greats like Milt Hinton, Clark Terry, Louie Bellson, etc... Also, he appeared in a documentary film on the late-great pianist, Dorothy Donegan. He was the 1993 award winner of the "Al Grey Award for Musical Excellence". It acknowledged Stafford as "the Most Promising Jazz Trombone Talent of 1993". Also in 1993, he performed at former-US President Bill Clinton's inaugural.

Since then, the trombonist has performed, recorded and toured all over the world with the likes of Illinois Jacquet, McCoy Tyner, Lester Bowie & Brass Fantasy, Abdullah Ibrahim, Charli Persip, Charles Tolliver, Tony Bennett, Roy Hargrove, Cab Calloway Orch., Joss Stone, the Mingus Big Band, Lauryn Hill, Frank Foster, Clark Terry, Reggie Workman, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Lionel Hampton Orch., Dionne Warwick, Muhal Richard Abrams, Amy Winehouse, Steve Turre & Sanctified Shells, and is a present member of the Lionel Hampton Orch, and has been a member of the Duke Ellington Orch. under the direction of Paul Mercer Ellington since 1996 among other groups.

Also of note, Stafford appeared in a movie entitled "the Day the Ponies Come Back" which was released March of 2001 in France. And, he is heard as a soloist on the Blue Note Records Grammy nominated CD "With Love"-Charles Tolliver Big band.


Satomi Yarimizo Quartet @ the Dragon Upstairs

May 3, 9PM-
Special guest, Justin James!

Satomi Yarimizo Quartet:
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Jon Hawes (bass)
Justin James (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

The Dragon Upstairs
( located in the loft above Hank's Cafe Honolulu)
1038 Nu'uanu Avenue
$5 cover


BOP TRIBAL @ the Dragon Upstairs

Saturday April 26, 9PM- @the Dragon Upstairs

Satomi, Jon, Darry, DeShannon and Reggie

Satomi, Jon, DeShannon, Darryl and Reggie

DeShannon Higa (trumpet)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Jon Hawes (bass)
Darryl Pellegrini (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

Set List:
Just Friends
One Finger Snap / Herbie Hancock
Waltz for Debby / Bill Evans
One Bad Song A Day / Reggie Padilla
Gertrude's Bounce / Powell
Manoa Mist / DeShannon Higa
One More Once / Michel Camilo

Bop Tribal / DeShannon Higa
The Way You Look Tonight
Gibrartor / Hubberd
Norwegian Wood / Lennon
Eclectica / DeShannon Higa


Chuck's Cellar Jazz Festival !

Saturday April 26
The 1st Chuck's Cellar Jazz Festival
with Gabe Baltazar, Betty Loo Taylor and Black Sand!

I and Shinya dropped by the cellar before my gig at the Dragon Upstairs. We had dinner with great music and sat-in one song.
They bought a new (used) Kawai upright piano which sounds beautiful and I really love it!

Gabe, Matt, Betty Loo and Jason in the frame

Matt, Betty Loo, Jason and Steve Loo


Satomi Yarimizo Quartet with Rachel Gonzales @ the Dragon Upstairs

Satomi, Rachel and Reggie

Satomi Yarimizo Quartet + Rachel Gonzales:
Rachel Gonzales (vocals)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Ernie Provencher (bass)
Shinya Yarimizo (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)


BOP TRIBAL @ the Dragon Upstairs

Last Saturday, April 12, 9 p.m. - midnight

DeShannon Higa (trumpet)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Mark Tanouye (bass)
von Baron (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

It was a big party with special guests
Tim Tsukiyama (soprano saxophone)
Andrew Corny (flugelhorn) from Los Angeles

Satomi, Mark, von, DeShannon and Reggie

Reggie, Andrew and Tim

DeShannon, Reggie and Tim

von and Tim

satomi, DeShannon and Reggie

1st set:
The Blues Walk / Clifford Brown
Autumn Leaves / Joseph Kosma, arr. DeShannon Higa
Parisian Thoroughfare / Clifford Brown
Tune 4 April / Reggie Padilla
Airegin / Sonny Rollins
Oleo / Sonny Rollins

2nd set:
Bop Tribal / DeShannon Higa
Well You Needn't / Theronious Monk
Blue Train / John Coltrane
Sister Sadie / Horace Sliver
Joint & Jam Vamp / B.E.P. -- Hip Hop!

The Dragon Upstairs
( located in the loft above Hank's Cafe Honolulu)
1038 Nu'uanu Avenue

Next BOP TRIBAL show will be April 26. 8:30 p.m. -


Satomi Yarimizo Quartet with Rachel Gonzales

This Saturday, April 19 @ the Dragon Upstairs
Come check out Rachel's beautiful angelic voice!

Satomi Yarimizo (piano)
Rachel Gonzales (vocal)
Reggie Padilla (tenor saxophone)
Ernie Provencher (bass)
Shinya Yarimizo (drums)


Satomi Yarimizo Trio@ Shigezo

Thursday April 10, 7:30-10 p.m.
These days, lots of people come to Shigezo (808 Kapahulu Ave. 737-8081) to listen to our music and they all enjoy the great food.

Satomi Yarimizo Trio:
Gilbert Batangan (bass)
Shiny Yarimizo (drums)
Satomi Yarimizo (piano)

Next gig on April 18 will be a DUO with Gilbert Batangan with a surprise guest saxophone player.